There are various complications your newborn baby can experience during childbirth, some stemming from spinal misalignment. If your baby’s spine is misaligned it can end up resulting in problems with digestion, asthma, and difficulty with breastfeeding. The good news is that many of these problems can be evaluated and potentially corrected by a skilled chiropractor with experience working with infants. Many people may think of chiropractors as back specialists for adults, but chiropractors can treat pretty much everybody for a variety of ailments in a holistic manner. Newborns can safely receive chiropractic care within the first few weeks of birth; a family chiropractor employs soft pressure to gently align their spine to optimize nervous system function and assist with the body’s normal healing process. These adjustments aren’t painful, but your baby may cry since they’re being held in unfamiliar positions (and because that’s what newborns do). 

How Your Newborn Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Pediatric chiropractic care brings a whole host of benefits like improved mobility, bodily functions, and immunity, and is totally safe. Some benefits of chiropractic care for your newborn include:

  • Promoting physical development: Your little one’s body grows rapidly in a short amount of time. Their lower back and neck curvatures are beginning to form as they learn to sit or lift their head. An experienced chiropractor can prevent your child from developing spinal problems by aligning their spine and boosting overall health and posture. 
  • Boosts post-birth recovery: The birth process can be difficult on a child’s body and affect their nerves. Chiropractic care for newborns gently manipulates certain areas to help correct nerve problems and ease strain and tension in their body. This in turn leads to less problems with reflux, colic, and breathing.
  • Helps ease colic symptoms: Colic is a common ailment in babies that is typically associated with an immature or underactive gastrointestinal system that results in symptoms such as indigestion and gas buildup. Unaddressed colic may cause the gas to be trapped in your baby’s gut and cause bloating and pain. If your pediatrician diagnoses your child with colic, you can take them to a chiropractor. The chiropractor will employ gentle manipulations to stimulate the nerve flow to their small intestines and increase peristalsis to help push gas and liquid along their system.
  • Improved immune system: It may seem strange, but your child’s spine directly impacts their immune system. Since the nervous system runs through the spine, any misalignment can result in the nerve pathways getting irritated and impact various systems throughout the body, including the immune system. Gentle spinal adjustments can help boost your baby’s immune system by releasing overall strain.
  • Decreased fussiness and irritability: It can be extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly why your little one is fussy and irritable, since they can’t express themselves yet. A cause of fussiness may be mechanical restrictions in the spine that lead to headaches, discomfort, sleeping difficulties, etc. Chiropractic sessions can assist with any spinal issues your child has to make them feel better and less irritable.

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