I love to play golf.  Sometimes I have moments of brilliance, many other times I wonder what has gone wrong with my golf swing, which seemed to have been so much more effortless and easy just the day (or hole) before.  Anyone who has played golf can probably relate.  What makes it such a challenging game is what makes it so great.

I also love to take care of golfers, as well as other athletes in my office.  South Florida is considered my many the golf capital of the world, with year-round play and many amazing courses.  It is also home to a large number of touring professionals.  I have had the privilege to take care of many golfers over the years, both to help them recover from an injury and also to help them prevent further injuries once they are well enough to play.
Those that don’t play the game may watch and wonder what could be so physically taxing on the body with a sport with no physical contact with another player, no running or explosive jumping, and seemingly no use of brute strength?  Several things that lead to golf injuries are repetitive use of improper mechanics, repetition of good mechanics that the player isn’t physically conditioned for, or even an acute injury due to something awkward that occurs during a round even with good mechanics (a violent swing through deep rough, or contact with a root, for instance).
We take care of both spinal injuries and extremity injuries in our office, to help players return to playing and keep them in shape to play thereafter.  I have had training described in the article below, which helps me better treat those injuries.  I can also discuss proper mechanics, and give a referral to some great teaching professionals in our area to help you become not only a better player, but a less likely injured one.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment so we can help you be the best golfer you can be!