Chiropractic care is widely recognized as a well-rounded medical discipline that utilizes a wide range of techniques that can be employed to address a range of diverse issues patients face. The ability to treat highly specific conditions without resorting to invasive procedures or relying on medication is extremely useful, as chiropractic care can be used on any age group for an individual in any type of physical condition. One highly specialized chiropractic technique is known as Cranial Facial Release, or CFR, a relatively new chiropractic technique that has been used to successfully treat a range of chronic and acute conditions. CFR is a technique that involves manipulating the various tiny bones that make up the skull in order to promote optimal function of the nervous system and improve communication between different areas of the body through streamlining the channels. CFR has been successfully used to treat concussion symptoms and pain due to brain trauma in patients who suffered brain trauma.

How CFR Can Treat Concussion Symptoms

We’ve long thought that there wasn’t any way to treat a concussion, and that victims of brain trauma could only stay properly hydrated, stay awake to avoid slipping into a coma or seizures, and then cross their fingers and hope for the best. Fortunately, thanks to advancements like the advent of CFR, chiropractors are finding that although a concussion still cannot be completely eliminated, the symptoms of a concussion and other kinds of brain trauma can be managed and alleviated. During CFR, the chiropractor uses an inflatable device to reach through the patient’s nasal passages and get closer to the actual skull. The skull tends to mold itself towards its appropriate structure on its own accord when certain levels of pressure are applied to the skull in this method. 

It is essential for the chiropractor to be officially certified in this process and to approach the patient with extreme care. This is because even slight shifts to the skull and brain’s position can have disastrous consequences. Don’t be intimidated by how this sounds, though, because when done by a certified, experienced chiropractor, CFR is an extremely safe procedure with zero downtime and pain.

CFR has given hope to many sufferers of chronic concussion symptoms, but CFR isn’t only useful for treating concussion symptoms. CFR can also help alleviate chronic headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, and even certain types of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. CFR can optimize skull/body alignment, help patients deal with poor musculoskeletal health, and assist with overall bodily health- all without needing surgery or medication.

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Thanks to breakthroughs in chiropractic care and technology, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel for victims of brain trauma and chronic concussion symptoms. Cranial Facial Release is a totally natural, holistic way to treat a range of musculoskeletal problems, including concussion symptoms and pain caused by brain trauma. Coastal Chiropractic is a top Florida chiropractic firm that offers CFR treatment. Call Dr. Gene Perkins at Coastal Chiropractic to schedule an appointment today.