There is nothing that beats a full day of hard work than a good nap or a wonderful night of sleep. If your tight muscles or back pain keeps you tossing and turning all night, here’s some useful information. Massage therapy in Pompano Beach may provide significant healing and pain relief for people suffering from back pain.

Why you need massage therapy in Pompano Beach

It’s very important to give your body the sleep it needs. Without it, your body feels weak and sluggish and your days are not as productive as you’d hoped. This where massage therapy in Pompano Beach can play a role. Sometimes all you need is a soothing massage to let the blood flow and bring the nutrition your muscles and tissues need.

Types of massage therapy

There are different types of massage therapy, each with its own set of benefits. Here are a few:

  • Swedish massage: Combines light stroking in one direction with deep pressure in another to relax muscles
  • Deep tissue massage: Targets chronic muscle tension using slower strokes and more direct pressure and friction
  • Shiatsu: Therapy based on acupressure.

Benefits of massage therapy

Sore, tense muscles can really adversely affect your sleep. A deep tissue massage can help turn all that around. A well-trained, experienced massage therapist rubs and kneads the affected areas. Not only will a massage help release the tension in your muscles and increase your blood flow but it will also increase your endorphin levels. This will give you a relaxing feeling because the endorphins being released are chemicals in your brain that enhances your mood and can even ease depression and anxiety. Message therapy can help you become pain-free, and if you haven’t tried this method you need to as soon as possible!

Are you ready to help your back pain by getting massage therapy in Pompano Beach? Visit our team of professionals at Coastal Chiropractic today to sleep better tonight.