Car Accident Chiropractor Pompano Beach

Auto Injury

If you were in an auto accident and experiencing symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, shoulder pain, reduced range-of-motion, and dizziness, get chiropractic care today.
Chiropractor Sports Injury Pompano Beach

Sports Injury

We offer techniques to help prevent some injuries from happening as well as treat sports injuries to get you back up and moving quickly.
Back Injury Treatment Pompano Beach

Chiropractic Care

Medicine aims to put something in the body from the outside to change physiology artificially. Chiropractic aims to allow the inner life in each of us to more fully express itself.

Cranial Facial Release (CFR)

Cranial Facial Release, or CFR, is a cranial adjusting technique using endo-nasal “balloons” to treat different structural and neurological disorders.